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There is a bus stop in the street

There isn’t a newsagent’s in my street

There are many shops in my town

There aren’t any banks in my town

Is there a skyscrapper in the city?

Yes, there is

No, there isn’t

Are there any restaurants in the city?

Yes, there are

No, there aren’t


Image from sproutenglish

The library is next to the hospital

The sports center is opposite the bar

The grocery store is in Pine Street

The hospital is betwen the library and the barbershop

Read and practise prepositions



SONG 1: In our city (with lyrics)

SONG 2: Going into town (with lyrics)



Game 1 Welcome to my town (Smiling town)

Game 2 Places in a city (Look and click)   Game 3 Places in a city 2

Game 4 Click, listen and match (places in town)

Game 5 Unit (book) about places in town + there is/are + prepositions

Game 6 Crossword places in the city (Freddiesville)

Game 7 Hangman (Anglomaniacy)

Game 8 Sentences about town and jobs (Freddiesville)

Game 9 Find the pairs

Game 10 Match pics and words (elements in the street)

Game 11 Memory game

Game 12 Find the hidden picture

Game 13 Many activities (supermarket, prepositions, prices, places in town)

Game 14 Sentences about town locations

Game 15 Places in town. Listen and match pictures to words



Story 1 My neighborhood (Kizclub)

Story 2 Where is the party?

Funny bones (City nights)