What is your job?

What do you do?

I am a doctor and I work in a hospital

She is a teacher and she works in a school

Language practise with Anglomaniacy





People song by Peter Weatherall

I’m a policeman in my town

Work places



Game 1 Jobs + clothes (British council)

Game 2 Many activities

Game 3 Memory game Memory

Game 4 Match to objects to the correct profession

Game 5 Match job and definition

Game 6 Find the pairs

Game 7 Categories: jobs, sports or activities at home?

Game 8 Workplaces practise

Game 9 Jobs and workplaces

Game 10 Who’s behind the wall?


Complete unit about jobs

Complete unit (part 2)



Wake up, Steve! By Whattsenglish

Story: Silly Jack

Story: What will I be when I grow up?

Story: Time for work!

Story: Dogs that work