I ride on a bike

I travel by car

I go by train

You can travel by air, land or sea




I ride on a …

The wheels on the bus

The Journey home from granpa’s

Super Brave cars

Cars, cars, cars! (super fast)

Down by the station

We all go travelling by



Game 1 I travel by… (presentation)

Game 2 Label the pictures

Game 3 Find the pairs

Game 4 Select sea, air or ground (land)

Game 5 Which transport is it?

Game 6 How are we getting there? 

Game 7 Spin and guess the transport



Story 1 I go to work…

Story 2 How did you came here?

Story 3 Eric the engine

Story 4 Can it fly?

Story 5 Go, go, go!

Story 6 How do you go to school?



READING: Types of transports in cities

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