hair pictures

I have got long hair.

You have got a beard

She has got a ponytail

He has got a moustache

We are wearing coats

You are wearing glasses

They have got curly hair



Game 1 Sentences (Stardust)

Game 2 Match pictures to descriptions (pairs)

Game 3 Match the pictures to the descriptions

Game 4 Read the description and make the face

Game 5 Read and look at the picture 

Game 6 Detective!

Game 7 Complete the description (South Park)

Game 8 Drag and drop the descriptions

Game 9 How to make a description

Game 10 Practise the vocabulary 

Game 11 Hairstyles: Read and click 

Unit about physical description



Story 1 Bathtime for Fifi (Surprise )

Story 2 School show

Story 3 My friends

Story 4 Ferdinand’s hair (story activities)