Welcome to his Halloween post. Here you’ll find songs, games and activities.



SONG 1 Trick or treat by Super Simple Songs

SONG: Hallo-Halloween by Storybots

SONG 2 Go away big green monster by Super Simple Songs

SONG 3 Skeleton dance by Super Simple Songs

SONG 4 Shake dem skeleton bones by Kiboomers

SONG 5 The monsters stomp around the house by Kiboomers

Song 6 The dark house by Pinkfong



The Haunted house by British Council

The haunted house

The magic Spell by British Council

The magic spell

Halloween night  Disco song- animation about four children in an adventure on Halloween

Story: Happy halloween by Genki English

Funny bones (episode: Ghost train)




Game 1 Memory game

Game 2 Memory game

Game 3 Memory game

Game 4 Wordsearch

Game 6 Find an object begining with a letter (I spy with my little eye…)

Game 8 Read and turn the objects into something else. Fun!

Game 9 Wendy the witch board game

Game 10 Escape the haunted house

Game 11 Halloween review and games

Game 12 Ghost walk (click on ‘Start here‘)




Game 7 Carve a pumpkin

Game 8 Decorate a pumpkin