A set of activities, presentations, videos, songs and stories about the topic space for young learners of English.

Solar System - Sun and Planets - English



Space song: Rocket Ride

Planets song

Song: flying from the sun to the stars

I’m a star by Storybots

The moon song by Storybots

Planets presentation

Space Oddity (David Bowie) sung by Chris Haldfield from The International Space Station

Song: Puffy Pluto Rap


JClic- Out in space

Order the planets

Earth, moon and sun

The phases of the moon


Day and night

Questions about Solar System

A set of activities about the Trappist-1 system


The solar system presentation (turtlediary)

The solar system movie

Gravity and the solar system

Plantes, galaxies and more

Planets info

Explore the solar system (NASA)

The earth at night (NASA)

The size of planets and stars


The cold planet (British Council)

Earth day (starfall)

The nine planets (Little Fox)

Peppa pig: A trip to the moon


ISS – International Space Station Website

International Space Station Live (Images of the earth)

ESA Kids (European Space Agency

What is Hubble looking at now?