There is a pen on the table

There isn’t a dog in the house


There are many crayons in the pencilcase

There aren’t any cars in the street


Is there a teacher in the classroom?

Yes, there is

No, there isn’t


Are there any chairs in the room?

Yes, there are

No, there aren’t


Language practise with Anglomaniacy

What is there in the fridge?


What is there in the bedroom?


What is there in the park?



There’s a hole in the bottom of the sea

In my room there’s a bed
Listen to the chant

In the living room
Listen to the rhyme

How many monkeys?



Activity 1 Practise in anglomaniacy (Great!)

Activity 2 Multiple choice sentences (is/are)

Activity 3 Look at the pictures and choose is or are

Activity 4 Read the sentences and complete

Activity 5 Read and complete the sentences

Activity 6 Write ‘there is’ or ‘there are

Activity 7 Select is/are, interrogative/affirmative



Story 1 There’s a ghost in the house (Surprise)

Story 2 In a dark dark wood (British Council)

Story 3 Uncle Bunkle’s house